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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Hello, my name is Tony and this is my concrete installation and maintenance blog. I am not a professional concrete contractor but I am very passionate about DIY. My dad was a contractor and when I was growing up he taught me all kinds of neat tips and tricks. Once time, he took me out into the yard and made me inspect the concrete wall. The concrete was crumbling away, exposing the metal bars beneath. My father explained that this was concrete cancer and then demonstrated how to repair the damage. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.




How to Beat Concrete Cancer

    How to Install New Conduit in Concrete Without Too Much Disruption

    If you're involved in a renovation job at home or in work, then you will be trying to figure out how to complete the job without causing too much disruption to the status quo. You may need to install some new electrical wiring conduits, water pipes, phone lines or air conditioning ducts into an existing concrete structure, and you'll definitely want to make sure that you do so without causing too much damage to the concrete.

    Concrete Pumping Safety Tips to Remember

    Concrete pumping is one of the fastest and most economical ways of placing concrete on a construction job. But this process isn't without danger; it often presents multiple hazards. Fortunately, there are certain ways accidents can be prevented. This article will share some of the key safety precautions that must be kept in mind. Responsibilities of the contractor The key to minimising safety problems at a concrete pumping site is organisation.

    Important Features to Look For in a Buffer Water Tank

    In systems that contain fluids, buffer water tanks are used to increase capacity and to ensure temperature/pressure stability. Buffer tanks are used in both commercial and industrial water supply systems that operate within a closed loop. Whether you're using a hot or chilled system, buffer tanks provide an insulated housing that reduces unnecessary heat transfer. When you're looking for a buffer water tank for your establishment, there are many important factors to consider.

    The Top Advantages of Exposed Aggregate Concrete

    When it comes to the paved areas such as driveways, pool decks and concrete patios, you will want to think about the surfacing materials used. Your choice of the outdoor surfacing materials will affect not only the aesthetic appeal of those areas but also their overall functionality. There's quite a range of options when it comes to decorative or surfacing materials for your paved areas. However, exposed aggregate concrete is one of the most sought-after options by many homeowners.

    Three Crucial Considerations for Concrete Driveway Sealer Selection

    Concrete has numerous beneficial properties such as high strength, durability, customisation options and cost efficiency. However, the material has one distinct disadvantage: porosity. Concrete driveways are prone to damage because of this characteristic. In general, the water penetrates through the holes in the surface and causes the structure to weaken. Over time, cracks, fractures and holes form, decreasing the appeal and functionality of the driveway. If you are concerned about these issues, you should choose the right sealer to limit moisture penetration.

    5 Signs You Should Choose a Line Concrete Pump Over a Crane Pump

    If you need concrete for a project, there are cases where you can just pour the concrete out of the truck, but there are other cases where you need to use a concrete pump. The standard option is a line pump, but there are also crane pumps (which are a bit newer). Here are five signs you should opt for a line pump. 1. You are working on a relatively small project.

    How to Repair Cracked Concrete Joints

    Concrete structures are known for their sheer strength and durability. Few things can bring down a concrete structure if is well built. Regular maintenance and repairs will ensure the structure lasts a long time, but one thing that can bring down a concrete structure, given time, is cracks. Why does concrete crack? Many times, concrete will crack within the first month of setting. Most cracks are so small that you cannot notice them, so when they have widened is when you see them.

    Key Pros of Exposed Aggregate for Your Driveway

    Although your driveway provides you with additional space to park your vehicles, this does not mean that it has to be unattractive. Plain concrete may be a popular option when it comes to paving driveways, but this does not add any aesthetic appeal to your property. If you would like to boost your kerb appeal but still install functional paving, you should consider exposed aggregate. This type of paving is made up of concrete that has been infused with foreign materials such as pebbles, glass, and more.