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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Four Signs You Need Your Commercial Concrete Kerbing Redone

by Eileen Jordan

The roadways are an important part of your commercial property. They are used by clients, employees and visitors. They help direct traffic into your parking lot and around your building. A poorly designed or constructed roadway can easily lead to accidents and injuries to workers and customers alike.

When you notice any of these four signs that it's time to have your commercial concrete kerbing redone, then it's time to call in the professionals for concrete kerbing.

1. There Are Cracks In Your Concrete Kerbing

Kerbing is the concrete border around your driveway or parking lot, so if it is cracked, then it needs to be repaired right away. If there are cracks all over the kerbing, then it will need replacement because it will not last long if it is already cracked in several places. Cracks may also mean that water has been seeping through the kerbing, which could cause more damage than just a simple repair job would fix.

2. There Are Signs Of Rusting Steel Rebar In Your Concrete Kerbing

Rusty metal is not only unsightly; it can also be dangerous. If you notice rusting metal within your concrete kerbing, then there's probably an underlying problem with its structural integrity that needs attention right away before something more serious happens.

3. There Are Weeds Growing In Your Concrete Kerbing

If you notice weeds growing through cracks in your kerbing, this is a sure sign that there's a problem with your concrete. The cracks might be caused by minor damage from cars driving over them or from constant foot traffic walking by them every day. Either way, this means that water has seeped into the cracks and eventually dripped down into the base of the kerbing. If left untreated, this will cause more and more cracks to appear until eventually all of your kerbing will be covered in them. You'll want to replace your entire commercial concrete kerbing before it gets too bad.

4. You Have A Pitted Surface On Your Kerbing

If you have a pitted surface on your kerbing, it is a sign that the concrete was not poured properly or was not cured properly. This is especially true if you notice holes and cracks in the surface of your kerbing. If this is the case, you need to look into redoing your kerbing and making sure that it will be done correctly this time around.

Commercial kerbing is an important part of any commercial property. It can help to define space and make it look more appealing. However, if your kerbing is old and worn, you may need to consider replacing it. Chat with a professional contractor about commercial kerbing and concrete kerbing today.