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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Hello, my name is Tony and this is my concrete installation and maintenance blog. I am not a professional concrete contractor but I am very passionate about DIY. My dad was a contractor and when I was growing up he taught me all kinds of neat tips and tricks. Once time, he took me out into the yard and made me inspect the concrete wall. The concrete was crumbling away, exposing the metal bars beneath. My father explained that this was concrete cancer and then demonstrated how to repair the damage. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.




How to Beat Concrete Cancer

How will you feed your livestock?

by Eileen Jordan

When you need to provide feed for your livestock, then what options do you have? You could put the feed into almost anything but many possible solutions will present problems of one form or another. You might find that the feed isn't easy for your livestock to reach or perhaps the solution won't allow you to accommodate enough animals at one time. If you want a way to provide feed for the right number of animals at one time in a safe, convenient way, then concrete livestock feed bunks could be the right choice for your farm.

What are the advantages of concrete livestock feed bunks?

One of the biggest problems with convention feed troughs is that they can deteriorate over time. Often the acids contained in the feed or silage can eat through the container leading to it requiring replacement much sooner than you might expect. With concrete livestock feed bunks, you will find that the concrete has been designed to withstand the acids that attack other materials. Similarly, strength can be a problem for some feed troughs, but concrete livestock feed bunks are normally reinforced with steel to ensure that whatever your environmental conditions, they will be able to serve you well for many years.

What type of feed bunks do you need?

If you are thinking about installing concrete feed bunks, then you must consider what style would be most appropriate. You will want a design that minimises the effort involved in cleaning and maintaining but you will also need to think about how your chosen design will fit into your premises. If you are able to line up all of your livestock against one side of your shed, or perhaps a wall, then single-sided concrete livestock bunks could be the right answer for you. If you need your livestock to be able to feed on all sides, then fitting double-sided feeding troughs could make better use of your available space.

How will your livestock feed?

Not all animals like to feed in the same way, and not all livestock will be fed in the same place. When choosing concrete livestock feed bunks, look for options that are compatible with diet feeders so that the foodstuffs are always clean and accessible by the beef or dairy cattle. You must also consider whether you will need to maintain the option of portable feeding as well as fixed feeding troughs so that you can provide your livestock with the required nutrition wherever they may be kept.

Keep these things in mind as you look for concrete livestock feed bunks.