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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Hello, my name is Tony and this is my concrete installation and maintenance blog. I am not a professional concrete contractor but I am very passionate about DIY. My dad was a contractor and when I was growing up he taught me all kinds of neat tips and tricks. Once time, he took me out into the yard and made me inspect the concrete wall. The concrete was crumbling away, exposing the metal bars beneath. My father explained that this was concrete cancer and then demonstrated how to repair the damage. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.




How to Beat Concrete Cancer

5 Signs That Your Asphalt Pavement Needs Repair

by Eileen Jordan

Asphalt surfaces are quite long-lasting. Unfortunately, they do not last forever. At some point, you'll need to undertake some repairs so that they as look as good as they did at first.  When your pavement begins to show signs of wear and tear, you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to it.

This may result in bigger and more costly issues sooner than you think. Your asphalt requires routine repairs and maintenance in order to stay attractive, usable and safe. 

Here are 5 signs that it's time to call a contractor to repair your asphalt surface. 

Appearance of Cracks

When your pavement starts to crack, this is a sign of ageing. It's the most obvious and common sign that it's due for repair. If you ignore and delay the repairs, these cracks can grow large, which might require you to replace the entire asphalt surface. 

If you notice a crack, know that it has a high chance of widening quickly; therefore, call a contractor immediately. Asphalt patching or filling is the perfect solution for these cracks, and when done early enough, it can increase your pavement's lifespan in the long run. 

Water Pools

Water pools can be very problematic for asphalt surfaces. This is because of the constant freezing and thawing once the water seeps through the surface. The process causes strain to the neighbouring pavement, which then leads to more damage. 

This pooling of water can be a result of bad drainage or an uneven surface. If you notice pooling water on your asphalt pavement, ensure you call a contractor to level the surface and solve the problem.

Potholes on the Pavement

Potholes appearing on your pavement are an eyesore. In addition, they are a safety hazard. If anyone stumbles into them, they can cause injuries and cause your vehicle some damage. Potholes occur as a result of the freezing and thawing of water that has seeped into the pavement; they also result from the expansion and contraction of soil below the surface.

An expert will repair them by filling up the potholes. 


The weight of your vehicles can exert a lot of pressure on your pavement. This can cause your asphalt pavement to warp. A contractor will determine the extent of the damage and fix the warp. While slight damage may only require a simple touch-up, extensive damage may require complete replacement. 

Faded Surface Colour

Exposure to the harsh elements of the weather can cause the asphalt's colour to fade. Weathering and UV rays are some of the major causes of this effect. It can also result from corrosive chemicals coming into contact with the asphalt. Call an expert to add a seal coat to fix the fading problem.

An asphalt repair contractor with the knowledge, skills and experience will handle the repairs before they escalate. 

To learn more, contact an asphalt repair company.