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How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Hello, my name is Tony and this is my concrete installation and maintenance blog. I am not a professional concrete contractor but I am very passionate about DIY. My dad was a contractor and when I was growing up he taught me all kinds of neat tips and tricks. Once time, he took me out into the yard and made me inspect the concrete wall. The concrete was crumbling away, exposing the metal bars beneath. My father explained that this was concrete cancer and then demonstrated how to repair the damage. I hope you find my blog useful and entertaining.




How to Beat Concrete Cancer

Top Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Finish

by Eileen Jordan

Essentially, exposed aggregate concrete or simply exposed aggregate is a durable and stylish way to add a spectacular look as well as quality to your home or commercial property. It is most suitable for use outdoors on areas such as pool areas, driveways, and patios. With exposed aggregate, concrete is poured and then aggregates such as rock salt, natural rock, slate, seashell, and tile are added. The concrete is then sanded back to expose the natural beauty of these aggregates. Different techniques such as honing, abrasive blasting, acid etching, and water washing can also be used to achieve the final finish. Exposed aggregate concrete has a myriad of benefits and here are some of them.


Longevity is one main reason you should consider exposed aggregate concrete. Concrete's structural integrity gives exposed aggregate its durability over the years. Your exposed aggregate finish will be strong enough to withstand the outdoor elements without sinking or heaving. It will also hold up well against spalling and cracking. When compared to other outdoor materials, timber decking for instance, exposed aggregate concrete is a sturdier alternative.

Skid and Slip Resistance

Exposed aggregate concrete is a safer finish to walk on, especially in areas such as pools that are prone to water. The surface of exposed aggregate is naturally rough or rugged, which reduces the possibility of someone walking on it slipping or sliding when it's icy or rainy outside. In addition, the grades of exposed aggregate are often balanced efficiently to ensure that while being rough and non-slip, the finish remains foot-friendly. Due to the natural grip of exposed aggregate, you don't have to be concerned about your vehicle skidding on your driveway and possibly contributing the early wear of your tyres.

Low Maintenance

Another plus of having an exposed aggregate surface is that it needs low maintenance. Occasional hosing down of your exposed aggregate concrete is enough to keep the surface looking vibrant. The concrete itself won't crack or chip. However, the aggregates used could be less durable than the concrete so you need to consider sealing the surface, but this will be after every few years.


The ability to choose a range of aggregates to be used gives you high versatility in terms of the decorative appeal you can achieve. The finish is highly customisable. Different grades of stones, colours, and texture effects can be added to complement the current design elements in your home.